Who is taking the lead in your dance of life? A reflection for Valentines Day

Emotions are amazing! They add depth and breadth to life but if they are what are leading our dance of life we will miss the beauty and power of the dance.  When we follow His lead the dance is powerful, and stunning, you don’t want to stop you are so enraptured by it! Emotions can add beauty, depth and connection to our lives but often they lead to conflict and chaos.  One day God gave me this incredible picture when we let our emotions take the lead it ruins the beauty of the dance.

What the Holy Spirit brought one day as I sat before Jesus was a picture of the tango.  This dance can be an incredible thing to watch when the participants know their roles and work within them.  If both dancers are trying to lead it is not a pretty picture.  In a dance there is one person who takes the lead and one person Ballroom dancingwho trusts and follows.  Our walk with our God is a bit like this.  When we follow His lead the things in our life even the hard things can be beautiful and amazing.  When we take the lead we make a messy stilted dance .  We may still be dancing but no one is taking pleasure in it.

God gave us this wonderful spectrum of emotions that add so much color and personality to our lives.  How we react to and interact with our circumstances and the people puts in our lives is the beautiful fabric that makes up our individual world.  But we live in a fallen world and those emotions can ruin the dance when we let them take the lead.

As I look out over the panorama of my life I can see the times that love, hurt, anger or excitement were taking the lead.  While these emotions can add so much,when we are following them they can lead us down wrong roads.  God is right there with the perfect path and those emotions were designed to add to the gifts He has given us and the paths He leads us down. So with Valentine’s Day, a day full of emotion, just around the corner. Let’s ask ourselves who is leading our dance? Are we experiencing the beauty and power of following His lead or are we struggling through a stilted messy picture?


New direction and New paths open up in 2017

God is always stunning and amazing to me when I let go and put my life in His hands.

January came and went and a quiet start was God’s plan for this new year. As I sat recovering from pneumonia and with lots of time to think and put the coming year before God, I felt a deeper call to be quiet.  I began to understand He had started the year in this way on purpose. I mean of course He had, He has a purpose and a plan for everything but once again it all came together.  He had been preparing my husband and I for changes throughout 2016 but we were not sure where He was going or what He wanted us to do.  We just faithfully listened and kept moving forward.

God is always stunning and amazing to me when I let go and put my life in His hands. In 2016 we had a record year of travel it was amazing and wonderful to outstretched-cupped-handsconnect with so many family members and friends and to see many beautiful places.  I could feel life making great shifts and I vacillated throughout the year between scared and excited but mostly excited.  We were on a new path with significant change. My adult children were pursuing new directions and hearing God in their own lives,that in itself was exciting to watch.  God was doing things with my husband and his career and his view of it. He was changing where I put my focus and what I pursued day-to-day as I moved forward.  I think throughout the year we would stop and go “Huh, where is God going with all of this.” As I reflect in writing this I see each of us saying to the other throughout the year “Just do what is in front of you today, you don’t know where God is going with this but He loves you and has a plan.” Even that in itself is amazing and one of the reasons I know God had me start writing this blog. He reveals new things to me each time I write. He always has through writing this is just a new dimension. Now as 2017 opens and new horizons appear before us I don’t feel scared but the fact that big changes are actually before us makes me pause and take a breath.

I have spent so much time of my life fearing what was coming and how I would handle it.  I would try to look at all the scenarios I would possibly face and in some way try to prepare for them mentally or by the way I handled my life.  In different ways throughout the years God has been trying to get me to loosen my grasp on this way of doing things.  Often I would find my mind thinking on some disaster that might occur,this way of thinking came to me early in life.  Throughout my life there were these huge ,somewhat out of nowhere, events that would happen changing my life diametrically and in some ways not for the better for a time.  This left me always trying to prep and avoid the unexpected.  The thing I learned over the years is life does not happen in the way you prepare for it.  While you are looking over here something pops over there.  In little steps God held my hand as I walked this road and tried to navigate all these twists and turns on my own.

Looking back I can see Him asking me to follow Him let Him take the lead.  It is funny to think of the times I did and the times I didn’t and the differences of where I ended up each time.  Having my 7 kids was one of those following moments transitioning from teens to adults was one of the times I took my own path.  I have the results of both displayed before me one has beautiful and amazing results despite the inherent difficulties throughout the years and the other was fraught with confusion and heartache.  As I came out of this and surrender myself to following Him again the paths before me began to open up but my instinct to plan and protect myself hung on.

God is so amazingly faithful despite all the little dances we do to orchestrate our own life.  So as I sat healing and being quiet learning on a deeper level to take one day at a time,news came.  Here is where we can miss His provision. I am thankful I have not been fighting with Him about being incapacitated with this illness. I am thankful I have been sitting quietly as He asked and waiting on Him.  In this valley a new vista opened up and word came down that after 28 years with his company and moving with many, many changes over the years,permanent changes were in the works.  The company was selling his division.  It is unheard of to be with a company almost 30 years these days but it has been such a gift from God as we raised the 7 gifts.  There was so much God had been showing us throughout 2016 preparing us for this change without saying exactly what it would be. There are so many options before us now as we look at the changes but we both feel ready and understand God has been preparing us and He has a plan.

So now as we look at 2017 the path looks very different and the quietness makes sense. We will not be proceeding from where we werjoroy500ncc-toni-lluche in 2016 but on a whole new road. We will have huge decisions to make as career and life take a new turn. As things we have done for almost 30 years associated with one large company changes. On one hand I want to close my eyes and I don’t want anything to change; as much I have been craving change now that it is here I feel a bit daunted my how many areas of our life this will affect. This is not just a job change at this point and at this stage of life. But this year of letting go and trusting God happened for a reason.  Last year all year I could hear Him urging me trust me look at your heart you aren’t trusting me you are relying on your own abilities. Little by little in His sweet gentle way He has led me along and now we stand here looking out at a new horizon and I want to follow. I don’t want to take control and try to guide this. I have done that too much in life and as I look back I am firm in my understanding that, that way does not work. I am clear that the worlds way of doing it ,experience it yourself, you have to go through these things to know, is the lie that started with Eve. For the moment and I hope forever I am done with that path; I have seen and experienced the difference of trusting Him and there is no comparison. Each holds difficulty and struggle but one has joy and strength and amazing gifts attached and the other has just heartaches and confusion. 

A month and a half has flown by in our journey through 2017. I am thankful for the quiet brought on by illness. Thank you Jesus for the time to reflect. Thank you for all the change and thank you that we can look to You in the face of it all.

Aging vs. Wisdom

How do you define close minded and what makes it different from standing firm?

ulz8elesybm-lotte-meijer.jpgAre we set in our ways, and closed-minded or someone to turn to and look for wisdom as we age?  I don’t know if that is even the question.  God has given me the opportunity to deal with both the young and the old intimately in my lifetime and I have learned so much.  Is an older person close minded or standing firm? How do we stand firm as we age based on our knowledge and wisdom and still show the love of Christ? There is so much pride wrapped up in all of this on both sides, as always we need to go back to where God calls us. What does He have to say about age and open our hearts to what He wants to show us.

As I have read my bible over the years, verses about aging have crossed my path and being that I had older people in my life that I loved very much they stuck here and there. On being led to write this blog post I sat down to look up the references to age in the bible and while I knew they were there and I could marginally quote a few, the number I encountered was unexpected and so cool really!

Proverbs 16:31

Isaiah 46:4

Job 12:12

Psalm 92:1

Proverbs 23:22

Job 32:7

Psalm 143:5

We are called to honor age. We are called to look to the wisdom of those older than us. Now as I age this seems stupid and self promoting really.  “Listen to me because I am older and God tells you to”, but that is not my heart. I am really listening to the speak around me about people and aging. There is much thought about people being set in their ways or unwilling to change, and looking at my own heart I had to ask, where do I stand? Am I getting more closed as I age? Am I unwilling to listen and change? The Holy Spirit began to point me in a direction as I thought about aging. He asked me questions about why I stood where I did? Why do I take the position I have on certain things? As I answered these questions I began to understand that I don’t stand because I have to be right or because I need someone to do things my way but rather because I have often  been there, done that and I am not doing it again.  I know the path I am on and why I have made certain choices over the years and I don’t need to question or back track. With this in mind the Holy Spirit opens the doors of my mind even more. I had already had a respect for those older than I out of obedience to God. This is what originally led me to listen and as I did to learn amazing things but now He has added a new dimension.

stoneHow do you define close minded and what makes it different from standing firm?  What He brought to mind is close minded is being unwilling to listen.  God created all people, He crafted them especially for a purpose. Everyone has something of value to say. We may not agree with everything a person is saying but still there is something God wants to teach us in what they are saying.  Often times I have found He is teaching me where I actually stand on something or why I think or feel a certain way.  He takes the opportunity to take me into a deeper understanding of something I may have only briefly thought about. I am always so grateful for this and grateful for the different people God has placed in my life. I love going deeper and get a more rooted understanding of why I think and feel the way I do. So even if I disagree I can listen and participate in conversations where I don’t necessarily agree.  Standing firm, He showed me, is knowing who He created me to be and the events and circumstances He has placed in my life that brought me to the point I am in my thoughts and actions.  I have spent time looking at Him and time looking away. I have done things my way and I have done them His way. Year upon year rolls by and I know why I am making a certain choice and why I am not. There is no question. I am not going to turn back so I can seem or feel that I am being open. I have 47 years at this point of choices that brought me to my conclusions about my choices. So with this same view I am now able to see the wisdom of those people He has put in my life. I can seek out these people and listen to their stories and opinions with an open and loving heart.

God has continued over the years to put older people in my life and as He opened the doors of my mind to love people and see what He created in them I began to see a beautiful garden of wisdom before me.  I began to sit and listen to what they had experienced in life, poppy-381589__340the choices they had made and how and why they made them and put them before God.  I was stunned at what I saw. I am learning to ask questions about why they say the things they do or the choices they make, what led them there.  I have been excited to see how even though some approach God very differently then I do they have an amazing faith. I have seen and heard how they have worked through and endured things that I did not really think people faced too much way back when. I have learned that some of their reactive statements came out of fear and by asking clarifying questions when they were saying something caustic or accusatory so much more was revealed about their thought process and why they come to certain conclusions or what made them say something in just that way. What it of course has come back to is the love of Jesus.

When we approach things with the love of Jesus our perspective changes. We are open and listening. We see who God created the person in front of us to be. He reveals some aspect of their heart we need to see in that moment and we He gives us the ability to love them and learn from them. We don’t need to approach age with fear and close the doors of our mind no matter what side of the age door we find ourselves on.

How are we set apart with regards to age? I know what God is sayirise-1503340__340ng about age, we are to honor it. I know He says there is wisdom to be found there and I intend to look and see. I intend to dig deep and know Him more by talking to and listening to the people He puts in front of me.  As I age I intend to love and be open but still  at times I will stand firm because I have come to my conclusions  as I walked this path with God and I know the outcome of certain choices. I will stand firm in love and make my choices based on experience and not pride. I will open my heart to all of God’s creations so I can learn all the lessons He has for me. I will seek wisdom and pursue it.


Freedom in Brokenness

When your body betrays you and you have nothing with which to accomplish life in the way you are accustomed it can be devastating, or so it may seem at first.

afq5-t0zgtq-veeterzyEach time I have been physically broken I come back to a place of spiritual brokenness that frees me from the slavery that so easily entangles me. I am released from the mess that I make of my mind when I get back to striving on my own. In my physical brokenness I learn more about trusting God. How basic is that and yet He calls us deeper all the time. What we know now is only a shadow of what is to come.

When your body betrays you and you have nothing with which to accomplish life in the way you are accustomed it can be devastating, or so it may seem at first. You find yourself in a new place striving to find new ways to do what used to be second nature.  You realize how much of what you did in life you took for granted. For me the prayers I begin praying are that I will get my ability to do things on my own, back. The thing is, lately the answer I have been getting is “I love you, let me love you.” I promptly respond by letting Jesus know the way He can show love to me, my Love Language so to speak, is to give me back the ability to do things myself. That is not the freedom He wants me to experience right now. He knows I know the freedom of hard work and doing things myself. He wants me to go deeper. What He wants to show me is the freedom to watch Him work, He wants me to trust Him.

My mind does a double take of sorts when He says this. “Wait what?! How can I be following Jesus and not trust Him.” The verse about renewing and transforming comes to mind immediately. There was a time when I did not know how to do any of the things I now take for granted and do easily. In the years He spent teaching me these things I was on my knees ,literally, daily. I was clueless how to accomplish what He asked and I had no desire to do it outside of Him and His design. In the quiet of physical brokenness I listened as He spoke. Through the years I had moved from inability and reliance on Him, to strength and striving in my own power and abilities. I had developed a new habit of throwing up prayers and not waiting for the answers. Going through the motions of being Mary but really being Martha. Each time I have recently found myself in this place of physical brokenness I have been waiting foot tapping for God to get me out of it so I could get things done. His answer was again “No, trust me. I will do what needs to be done.” I will fight the battle while you stay quiet.

1za_mc846yu-ben-whiteTrusting Him is not new, but I am being called to a new place where I will face new challenges and Jesus wants me to be free. He wants me quiet and not carrying the burdens I have been choosing to carry. He wants me free to look to Him and listen. Free to see what He wants to do next in my life. So while being physically broken is hard. I am thankful, without it I wouldn’t be here writing this today and feeling excited to watch God work.

Where are you at today are you physically broken? Are you striving to do things in your power? Take a moment and listen Jesus is calling and He wants to take care of you. When I am broken I take more time for prayer so leave me a comment and let me be praying for you.

Through the Glass


This year has been very full. Life was changing for all of us each in different ways. We all just needed a quiet do nothing vacation. Usually the mountains are calling with hikes and sight-seeing  but this year we just wanted to sit and be quiet. So we picked a place that is always hot, found a fun mid-century modern home and off we went for a week of quiet rest and as happens when you rest reflection.

The first day of vacation was hot.  We had been enjoying the first half of the day  in or by the pool.   It was nice to get this quiet time together with no obligations and nowhere we needed to be. Everyone was getting hungry so we fired up the BBQ and got some hot dogs and sausages grilled up.  As we gathered around the table outside we realized there were not enough chairs for everyone.  We could have gotten stools or sat on lounges nearby but for some, the dry heat was too much.  Where the table sat outside there sat another table on the inside separated by a wall of glass, so the hot people went inside.  In a funny way it was like we were eating together.

As we on the outside sat looking in, we noticed something, we had a choice of what we looked at. When you looked you could either see someone at the table inside or you could see the reflection of yourself.  The comments going around were that it was hard to see inside because you were just seeing yourself.  I wasn’t having this problem so I looked up at my reflection and the Spirit brought a profound picture to my mind.  It was a life illustration I know I will never forget so I had to share it.

When we looked at the window we had a choice, we could look and see the others inside or we could be distracted by our own reflection and only see ourselves.  Remember the comments were they couldn’t see the others because they could only see their own reflections.

I was struck by how true this is. How many times have I missed seeing something in someone else because I was looking at myself.  For me often times it has been me obsessing about what I might have done wrong in a given situation but for others it is that they are so impressed with what they have done and still others need to be in control, they need their vision realized.  No matter what perspective a person is coming from gazing at your own reflection makes you unable to see others.

Now we could spend a whole blog on how we should spend time in reflection looking at ourself and getting God’s perspective but that is not the freedom we are discussing here we are discussing how freeing it is to look away from the reflection of ourselves and truly look at others.  God has us, He wants us to see the beauty He created in others.

God has spent years teaching me this lesson, starting with people who I did not necessarily agree with. He began, as I opened myself up, to show me what He created in these people who did things so differently than I did.  He showed me the good in who they were and what they were doing.

It is so easy to look at the weaknesses of others and miss their strengths. Only in seeing them as God created them and intended them to be, do we have any hope of loving them the way He intended.  Love cannot be manufactured that is a lie that I believe is being spread heavily right now.  Put on the face of love, act loving and this will bring about change.  But when it doesn’t? What then? Where does the face of love go? I am sure you have all seen it, it fades very quickly.

I am so thankful for this picture lesson God gave me in my quiet time. I am thankful for the freedom to see people as God designed them not as they present themselves or satan tries to distort them so I will look away.  I am thankful to be free to love in every moment not just the ones that meet my expectations.  I am thankful to be free to look away from the reflection of myself and look through the glass at the beautiful creations which God placed around me. Where are you looking today are you looking through the glass at the people God has placed in your life? Or are you looking at your own reflection?

Free from Fear

Where He is, where He leads, there is always light, there is always strength, there is always peace when I open that door

I would love to start this off today telling you I am free from fear. That Jesus has set me free and this is how you get there, but I cannot.  It isn’t because Jesus has not set me free, that is just not true.  I am free I just choose to stay in my jail cell even though I could walk right up and push the door open.

I am comfortable here in my jail cell.  No it is not pleasant, I don’t get treated well and  sometimes bad things happen, but, if I keep quiet, and eat the food I am being given I at least know what to expect for the most part.  Let’s be honest I am in jail, you can picture, it no matter how I draw it, cell-windowit is not good.

We are asked to “Throw off the fear that so easily enslaves us” (prompted by Hebrews 12:1) Why am I not doing that.  I serve the King, The sovereign God of the universe and there is so much out there He is waiting to show me.  Why do I resist?  Why do I shut the door like a child and say no?  What do I gain? Peace? Quiet?  These come to mind, but it is not really like that because it is a jail cell, little vermin are crawling around you, you can hear them even when you cannot see them.  It is hard cold and uncomfortable. You are always being confronted with why you are there. No it is neither peaceful nor quiet.

As He paints this picture while I write, I am seeing it all in a new light.  Several months ago God asked me to write, He asked me to share the journey He has set me on with others. Slowly He has been opening my mind to this and showing me His thoughts and direction.  Last night I read a post by a blog I love One September Day. The post was Brave Steps for a Quiet Heart. It was another step in my journey to freedom from fear.  Here is a mother of ten blogging and this post was Jesus speaking right to me from the honesty of this womans heart.  She spoke of her fears , of being honest, of showing the good and the bad. Everything she wrote about in this post were things the Spirit had already been saying to me.  Her post was confirmation and opened my eyes to the fact that I was not alone, I was not hearing wrong.

This morning I got some rare alone time.  I began my time writing out the things of yesterday and this morning I was thankful for, my blessings, my gifts, as another gifted woman of God (Ann Voskamp) has put it, and Jesus took my hand and walked me down this road.  He showed me the flowers waiting to bloom on the roadside and the beautiful sights I was missing as I sat in my cell or trudged down my road not looking around me.  The birds, as I wrote, were singing a literal chorus in my background I had never heard so many in all my quiet times sitting outside. I looked back at myself sitting in that jail cell and I am thinking “What am I doing? I should open it! I want to open it!” So here 2015-08-13-15-06-28I am writing, opening the door, looking outside.

As I write this post I know not all of them are going to be about me being free but about Christ freeing me.  They will sometimes be about my journey  opening the door, stepping out and looking around . They will sometimes be about my steps to freedom rather than the freedom I know.

Today I started with fear and as I wrote, the words of Jesus washed over and freed me a little more.  I am so thankful to stand in His presence and go in His direction no matter how scary. Where He is, where He leads, there is always light, there is always strength, there is always peace when I open that door. Here is to freedom from fear!


An Avenue of Renewal

The passionate feelings we feel in the physical world are but a shadow of what we have with Him.

Marriage for me has been a gift. A main avenue through which the Spirit works to renew and transform my mind.  The parallels that run through marriage and our life with Himsillhoutte-couple run deep.   They are  a training ground of spiritual expression.   Even as I write this I am astounded by a revelation as He opens my mind to a deeper truth of something He has been teaching me for years!

My spouse can never fulfill me the way the Spirit can.  He can never meet my needs at the deepest level the way Jesus can and wants to.  Song of Solomon is expressed the way it is on purpose.  We have turned all our focus on the physical, getting our needs met, making sure we are happy and with people who build us up.  That puts a lot of pressure on us!  I have seen posts and books about an affair proof marriage keeping your man interested in you. Now I don’t want to take away from what some of these wise women are saying, addressing certain weak areas of self focus.  I am speaking of freedom. Freedom in marriage is  a deep abiding reliance on Jesus to meet our needs.  It is a faith often so hard to grasp we are weeping at His feet, but the end of this road is a vision of grandeur. Sometimes the work He is doing isn’t on us, we are just a part of the process and in the end we get to stand in awe.  Casting our care on Him seems so clique but really only in letting go and being free do we see Him and what He is doing in our marriage and in our life.  When we are working so hard in our own power to make things work we can’t see Him.  All we see is the effort we are making and we are looking for the expected response.  This only ever leads to deception and disillusionment.  Gideon watched God work, Moses held up his hands and watched God work, Peter, Paul and the apostles laid their hands and said words. This is not work and human effort. We gain nothing on this road and in our marriage it is no different. This is not a new story or a new way.

So let’s put down our expectations. Let’s be free and look around and see what God is doing. Is your spouse not saying what you need or want to hear right now or some other loved one? Let’s live free to ask why.  I am loved, I am cherished where is this darkness coming from. Should I speak to it? Can I express love in the face of it? So often for me the answer is no. The best I can do is hold tightly to my control and not respond. Let me tell you I fail often! What should I be in prayer about?  So often I can see how my spouse should be handling our relationship differently and what His best behavior is but really the question comes back to me?  This is really between God and I. The spiritual manifests itself in the physical and satan just amps it up makes it bigger than it is.  heavens

So today I am going to take a moment and sit before Jesus and listen to the Spirit.  What does He want me to see? What army is He conquering while I am looking the other way and complaining about what I don’t have? Today I am going to look freedom in the face and see the chains the Spirit wants to break. The chains that are binding me and keeping me back from loving those He has put in my life because I only infinitesimally grasp His love for me.

I am thankful for the reminder I don’t need my spouse to act in a certain way or say certain things. I can love because I am learning more each day how I am loved.  I am thankful as I have been for years that God chose to show His love for me through my spouse and then my children and He continues in so many ways.  I am thankful I am not responsible to live with the spin in my head and to rely on those around me who have their own challenges, I can rest in Jesus. When there is no clear instruction I just rest and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that as I watch Him handle these challenges in my physical realm with my spouse He takes me deeper inside of my relationship with Him where He is healing me and bringing out what He intended when He created me.

Are you challenged in your relationships? Is it hard to hear God? Is your feeling of love coming from those around you and you just are not feeling it right now?  Leave a comment and let me pray for you. This is an ongoing struggle. Let go today and open yourself up to God’s true intent for you? See the you He created.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Today was unusual but in such a normal and uneventful way.  I am probably confusing you at this point. Today our whole family was at home but not because of a holiday or celebration.The normalcy made it unusual.2016-07-19-22-15-33

We sat on the couch on the floor wherever we fit in the living room like we always have watching home movies.  It was amazing to have us all home spending time together that wasn’t a holiday or a special occasion. Just the day before I had been writing about standing on the mountain top and looking out at the landscape of my life. Now here I was with my mostly grown family watching it in real-time on a tv screen, watching the changes happen.  As I watched I could see it is true that each child is fearfully and wonderfully made who they are from birth.  I watched as they handled situations, and how similar it is to how they handle things as adults and it was eye-opening.  My son who is serious and analytical was like this as a child, he would pick apart the games they played and analyze the best way to do it.  My dramatic daughter was oh so comical I wish I could post a piece for you!  It was one of those moments when the light turns on and you see everything so clearly and it makes you excited to move forward, to keep going. Thank you Jesus for the light!

God just used this night to spur me on! It has been a long road and the twenties have been a little rough I have to admit. Things have been leveling out as my oldest closes in on 25 and gets more and more perspective into adulthood.  Kind of like going from that screaming, crying phase to when they start to communicate in small ways; you begin to see the light.  He spurred me on by showing me how He created my kids from the beginning and how He is using these things in their lives and the lives of those around them.  What an incredible journey it has been to see beyond the fear of their weaknesses to the victory of their strengths which are so integrally tied together.  This is a statement the Holy Spirit taught me early on;our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses.

As I watched these movies I was reminded about what affects my kids.  I was reminded on a deeper level how they were created and how I could build them up in that.  My dramatic daughter is also my peacemaker, joyful girl.  My son who can be fearful is also my most outward, people oriented child. My mommy’s girl is my caregiver, my most articulate girl is opening up and sharing her quiet gifts. I could go on and on but I will leave it there. I so often in my kids childhood got caught up in my children’s weaknesses and wanting to fix them so they would not be hurt or affected by them. What I am learning now is to turn to God and learn their strengths and build them up in them.

What stage are you at?  What challenges are you facing? 

Comment below, I would love to be praying for you!

Mountain Top Views

2015-08-13-16-11-40Hello everyone! Of adventures and journeys I could write a book.  Is life a road I am on or an exciting trip!  How would I characterize it?  Even as I write this my mind is wandering in and out of the valleys and up to the tops of the mountains I have traveled. It is all too much for one blog post; a blog post that is the beginning of a new adventure!

I am sitting on the top of a mountain, a landscape of mountains, valleys and roads behind me and I am excited!  Excited because as I look behind me from the mountain top I am gazing over all the places I have been and the memories I carry are cradled deep within me.  I am excited because as I started each new moment I am looking back upon, I had no idea what the map would look like,  I just knew the path I was called down.

So here I stand ready to embark again on a new journey, this time into the world of blogging. The time has come for me to bring others along for the adventure.  What does 26 years of marriage look like?  We rock and roll over here and there is never a dull moment! There are six children still at ho2015-08-13-13-23-20me here 4 of them adults, you want to get a glimpse, stay tuned.  God created so many plants around us that heal and build and I love to explore and experiment with what He placed around me.  On this note I will take you on my journey to stay healthy and strong.  For me this journey now includes Hashimotos so I will bring you along from time to time as I try to overcome the new challenges this has placed in my life. (They are good by the way.) What does homeschooling look like after 23 years and 5 graduates?



Will I woo you with sweet words of beauty? My intial thought is no, life is messy and I am truth speaker, but I have been made Fully Free. So what you will find here more than anything is gratitude. Jesus has freed me from the opinions and circumstances that surround me and left me free to see what God truly intends. Walk with me on this new path as I gaze back upon the what is behind me or look forward at the unknowns in front of me. Hopefully I will bring a smile to your face from time to time and maybe the Spirit will touch you in a place you need some healing or freedom from time to time.  So come along on this journey with me and let’s learn together!