Hi I am Julie!

This is a new adventure for me writing and talking to others is the way God teaches and speaks to me and now He has asked me to go public.  God created all people and I believe He will teach me something from each one I encounter, whether we agree on everything or not. Maybe some of the things I am learning He will use to touch a cord in you or maybe something you respond with He will use to grow me in a new way. So thanks so much for stopping by!

First and foremost I am a mother of seven amazing gifts (best known to you as children)! At some point I will blog about this but here just know that I was afraid to have kids. I did not connect well with children growing up and I was not the greatest babysitter, so this will not be an “I always wanted a large family” story.  Don’t get me wrong it was not a fight the whole way either. Once God changed my heart I was all in and it has been incredible! He created me and knew this was a path of great joy and an avenue to show His boundless love to me.

Next I have been married 26 years.  We met right before I turned 19 and I was married at 20 in a time period and place where this was not done.  No one thought we would make it literally, we were asked if we were going to Vegas etc.  When we hit the 25 year mark I did a little haha dance.  Marriage is what God uses as a picture of His relationship to us, so seeing it through His eyes has made a huge difference in those “Why am I doing” this years.   Let just say one quick thing here in my about, 26 years is worth every hard day, every tear shed, everything!

I have been homeschooling for 23 years. We homeschooled in an eclectic style. I have read about all the different approaches and as with everything I live free. I take what the Holy Spirit shows me will be best for us or a certain child and use it as He leads. We as of this year have 5 homeschool graduates and it is such a great perspective to have as I finish off with my last two which are in middle school.

Along the way I had kids with allergies before allergies were popular (LOL). I had doctors telling me we would just be in the doctors office alot  So with this came His leading me to learn about the amazing things He put in plants.  They are not only beautiful but they also heal. So an amatuer apothecarey was born, here you will find what I do, what I know and what I am learning as time goes by.

Of course here you will hear what amazing light the Holy Spirit has shed on my path to free me from some bit of slavery I have found myself entangled in.  Here you will see my gratitude for this freedom and here I hope you are touched by the freedom that comes from Jesus in a new way.