Ancient Wisdom, Modern Freedom

As I stood on the mountain top today I was looking back through history.  It is amazing to watch how the path, choices and thoughts of others cross our own.

This year we opened our new history curriculm Trisms to learn about Hippocrates.  This man from our ancient past changed the face of medicine.  He saw the body as a whole not a seperate set of parts.  he saw that food, rest and exercise all had an affect on the body.  He was for preventative medicine but not the kind you shoot in through a needle or go to take a test for.


The amazing thing to me was this is ancient wisdom from a time when superstition reigned.  Today we have a separate doctor for each organ and I have actually had doctors tell me “Oh no I don’t deal with that. I don’t know anything about it. I won’t be able to help you.”

As I learn about functional medicine and functional practitioners it makes me think back to the old country doctors.  They would come to your home , they would know about your life and community and base their diagnosis on all the things going on around you and in your life.  I am excited that we seem to be heading back to that when I learned the details of functional medicine.  Imagine my astonishment as we began our historical study of ancient times, I discovered this view point of treating the body as a whole was ancient.  An ancient man who is considered the “Father of Medicine” was saying the same things thousands of years ago that people are saying now.  Eat what is near you and pure good food.  Get rest and exercise to build your body up.

So how did I find myself on this particular mountain today?  I was doing my veggie cook up and so happy to be eating good food again.  When I have good food available to eat I love it and eat it.  It is just making the time to make sure it is available to grab.  I have learned if I put garbage in, my body WILL malfunction and when it does it will take all my focus to get it functioning again.  I will not be able to move forward in the areas God has put in front of me.

In my food choices I have been set free!  Yes you got my theme! I am free to choose garbage and enjoy the taste for a moment but I will be a slave to my body afterward.  I have gone down this road so many times I don’t know why I continue to travel it.  It is a worn, rough road, full of rocks and pit falls.

God has created all of this wonderul food and put me in a time and place where it is at my finger tips. Food that builds my body and my mind.  Food that gives me the freedom to do the things He puts in front of me.  Once again I am thankful and excited to try each new creation that I encounter.

There you have it the Holy Spirit brought the ancients wisdom together with my veggie cook up to show me more freedom. As always I end my day grateful.  Grateful for Kale, for onions and for bok choy.  Last night I was grateful for a plant called skullcap to help me sleep but that is for another post.


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