Mountain Top Views

2015-08-13-16-11-40Hello everyone! Of adventures and journeys I could write a book.  Is life a road I am on or an exciting trip!  How would I characterize it?  Even as I write this my mind is wandering in and out of the valleys and up to the tops of the mountains I have traveled. It is all too much for one blog post; a blog post that is the beginning of a new adventure!

I am sitting on the top of a mountain, a landscape of mountains, valleys and roads behind me and I am excited!  Excited because as I look behind me from the mountain top I am gazing over all the places I have been and the memories I carry are cradled deep within me.  I am excited because as I started each new moment I am looking back upon, I had no idea what the map would look like,  I just knew the path I was called down.

So here I stand ready to embark again on a new journey, this time into the world of blogging. The time has come for me to bring others along for the adventure.  What does 26 years of marriage look like?  We rock and roll over here and there is never a dull moment! There are six children still at ho2015-08-13-13-23-20me here 4 of them adults, you want to get a glimpse, stay tuned.  God created so many plants around us that heal and build and I love to explore and experiment with what He placed around me.  On this note I will take you on my journey to stay healthy and strong.  For me this journey now includes Hashimotos so I will bring you along from time to time as I try to overcome the new challenges this has placed in my life. (They are good by the way.) What does homeschooling look like after 23 years and 5 graduates?



Will I woo you with sweet words of beauty? My intial thought is no, life is messy and I am truth speaker, but I have been made Fully Free. So what you will find here more than anything is gratitude. Jesus has freed me from the opinions and circumstances that surround me and left me free to see what God truly intends. Walk with me on this new path as I gaze back upon the what is behind me or look forward at the unknowns in front of me. Hopefully I will bring a smile to your face from time to time and maybe the Spirit will touch you in a place you need some healing or freedom from time to time.  So come along on this journey with me and let’s learn together!


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